Medical Equipment on Rent and Sale

Medical care services & Home care medical equipment rental

Deep Nursing Bureau is an organization founded with an aim to provide best quality healthcare solutions to people at most reasonable rates. We are a nursing agency that you can trust upon for all your medical and healthcare requirements at home. Striving to provide the best healthcare experience, we offer medical equipment on rent and purchase to our clients without any hassle whatsoever.

There are times when you or your loved one require a certain medical equipment to stay regain their health, treat certain medical conditions or just to return to normal life. It is at this, we can provide you with a wide range of medical equipment on purchase or rent enabling you to experience better healthcare solutions in an effortless manner.

We are a one stop for all kinds of medical equipment. We have more than 639 locations in Delhi NCR from where we operate and provide top-notch medical equipment to our clients across the entire region of Gurugram , Noida , Greater Noida and Faridabad as well as to PAN India.

Some of our most popular medical equipment are as follows: 

    • Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs.
    • Hospital beds – manual or fully automatic
    • Suction Machine ( Single Jar, Double Jar 
    • Pressure mattresses
    • Walkers & Crutches
    • Insulin pumps & Breast pumps
    • Traction equipment
    • Canes (or any similar type of mobility assistive equipment)
    • Oxygen Cylinder 10 Liters / 05 Liters and 50 Liters
    • Oxygen Concentrators Ventilators & Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    • Traction equipment
    • Patient lifts 
    • Nebulizers 
    • Bili lights and blankets
    • Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    • Stationary or portable oxygen tanks
    • CPAP Machine
  • Wide range of medical equipment at affordable prices
  • We offer the facility of renting and buying 
  • Home care medical equipment are delivered on rent at home with installation support 
  • We offer hassle free and quick maintenance support
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