Elder Care

Elder care services at home

Deep Nursing Bureau® is India’s Leading Elder Care Platform.

We provide an exhaustive range of home care services for your loved ones. From emergency response to post hospital care. We understand that geriatric home care can be daunting. Therefore, Deep Nursing services are designed to bring you peace of mind.

We arrange doctors, nurses, attendants, medical supplies and rehabilitation support in All over Delhi/Ncr and Mumbai, Navi Mumbai We create unique elder care packages managed by your dedicated Care Manager. Our technology platform and mobile apps help you monitor the care being provided at home.

But Deep Nursing Bureau® provides much more than just medicines or ambulances for the elderly. It provides Dignity, Companionship and Expertise. Book a free assessment today.

Managed Elder Care

Deep Nursing Bureau® Elder Care Packages offers non-clinical services for those elderly people who do not necessarily need a lot of assistance with activities of daily living but would like someone around the house from time to time. Our trained Caretakers manage provide companionship and support at home. With us, your loved ones are in safe hands.

Dementia Care

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, Deep Nursing dementia care is what you need. We treat our elder care members with dementia with the help of psychotherapy and counseling sessions at home. This helps them cope with the many challenges that come with dementia and memory loss.

Ambulance Services

Deep Nursing Bureau® emergency ambulance service is a 24/7 service for members who need to be hospitalised at short notice to the hospital of the member’s choice. Deep Nursing has an extensive registration process for new Members, such that if an Emergency were to occur we can activate the response protocol sooner.

Full Time Help at Home 24×7 support

We have full-time, in-home attendants/ayahs who help our elder care members convalesce at home. We train them and verify their backgrounds before we send them to your home. Deep Nursing Attendants will gently stand by your loved ones helping them and providing them support in all forms. You can be assured that you or your loved one will receive World-class care right at home.

Deep Nursing Senior Events

Deep Nursing Senior Events is designed to keep our seniors active, engaged and part of the community. We provide a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities along seminars for seniors to uproot their loneliness and depression

There are many people who live away from their home due to professional commitments and face difficulty in providing proper healthcare to their parents back home. At Deep Nursing Bureau, we provide elder care services at home for elderly people by taking care of their daily requirements and looking after their health. 

Our elderly or senior citizen caretakers keep a close eye on the physical and mental health of elderly people by making sure that they eat a balanced diet and are taken care of in the best possible way. 

Elder care services at home provided by us is a specialised care service customised to meet the different needs of senior citizens. Elder care service is an extensive facility and it comprises an assortment of services such as nursing care, assisted living as well as home care and adult day care.

Being one of the leading nursing agencies, we have at our disposal a team of certified nurses, therapists and general duty attendants who specialise in taking best possible care of elderly people. Moreover, these skilled caregivers strive dedicately to assist individuals get better post illness or operation at their home.

With our elder care services at home, we offer healthcare solutions for individuals of all ages having distinctive medical needs. Our care plans are pretty economical and are customised to cater to the healthcare needs of every individual. Moreover, we always endeavour to give best satisfaction to our clients and for that we strive tirelessly to upgrade our offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients.

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